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Household Accounting for Excel
All your household accounts at a glance. 
Household book to the administration of income and expenses.

Version Pro 7.0

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All your household accounts at a glance - it has never been as easy as this to keep track.

You will find that you learn your way around the program very quickly and easily. Wherever you are, you never lose track.
The program allows you to enter and manage both fixed costs and variable costs.
You enter your expenses in tables. Simple statistical evaluations and diagrams show you where you spend your money. There are various predefined cost areas and you can customize the program to your own needs.

The comprehensive vehicle section allows for up to 4 vehicles and includes all the functions you would expect from a good vehicle administration program, e.g. due date reminders for oil change and inspections. You can enter invoices into a table; when they become due for payment the program will remind you.

You can enter the items from your bank statement so that you have easy access to all transactions. Income and outgoings can be compared easily.

Have you ever wanted to investigate your purchasing habits more thoroughly, to see how much money you spend in which shops or see just how much of various kinds of drinks are consumed in the household? Household Accounting for Excel provides all this information in easily understandable tables and diagrams.

It provides an overall view which shows the general distribution of your outgoings.
When you have used Household Accounting for Excel for some time, you will get a picture of the main areas in which you spend the most money.

The program is designed specially to be easy to operate and easy to understand. For instance, I have deliberately avoided including dozens of minor cost types - only the main cost categories are included in the statistical analyses, giving you the information you can really use at a glance. Of course, you can enter all expenses, but those items which only represent a small percentage of your total costs are put into a single category. This way, you can concentrate on those costs which really make a difference.

In short: Household Accounting for Excel is a program for people who want to know where their money goes! The program administers costs on the basis of a calendar year. (Of course, you can start in any month.)
All data can be printed at any time.The yearly overview can be saved in a separate file at the end of the year. The program consists of 10 main files which are connected with each other. The easy handling is based on approximately 1000 macros which have been carefully tested. For anyone who is interested in this sort of thing: That represents about 23,000 lines of programming, half a million characters or 450 pages!


 System Requirements
* PC running Microsoft Excel: all versions from 9.0 (Excel 2000) - 14.0 (Excel 2010)
  only Excel 32-bit
* at least Pentium / 500 MHz
* at least 128 MB main memory (the more, the better)
* Windows 98 or higher
* mouse

Attention: The programme does not run on 64-bits of Excel